Click below to see a collection of my graphic design work, from airbrush ad design to posters and brochures.​​​​​​​
Click below to see the collection of my 3D modeling work.
Click below to see the collection of my ILM Art Department Challenge work.
These are the concept that I submitted.
The "Art Caravan" project. Click on the truck's picture to find out more about this amazing peace-promoting project that traveled across Pakistan.​​​​​​​
My "Dream Gallery Series" paintings. I always wondered what a gallery would look like if it had works by the greats. Well, I painted one, actually two. "Series A and B," check it out by clicking on the image below.
I love animation. Click on the picture below to see my very firsthand drawn animation and some of my recent 3D animation work.
As much as I enjoy the spontaneity and magic that occurs when making films in the moment, I also enjoy planning ahead of time. Especially when you have a group of people working with you to achieve your goal. It makes the whole process more efficient. Everyone is on the same page. And when you have that set, then you can play and create magic. So you know what to do, click on the picture below to check out some of my previz and storyboard work.
In art school, I fell in love with airbrushing, which sparked my interest in special effects, then acting and directing. Click on the picture below to see my very first special effect attempt inspired by the movie "Forrest Gump."
We all take pictures. It is easier now than in the good old days when you had to do all the setting manually and work with the film. I learn photography on my sister's Yashika-D 120mm camera. Here is some of my work, most taken from an iPhone, though. You know what to do. click below.